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“Humanity bonds people, so they should reconcile with humanity”​

Nasr Muhammad bnu al-Farabi


Our vision

Arabic Culture Forum is an open platform for cultural, economic and social cooperation between Lithuania and the Middle East, promoting mutual learning and peaceful dialogue.

Our goal is to change viewing perspectives and show a different face of the Middle East - aesthetic, colorful, peaceful and greatly unique.

Our competencies and activities cover public, cultural and social projects, consultations on economic cooperation and Baltic market analysis, literary and non-literary translations, educational programs and creative workshops for students and the general public, organization of exhibitions, concerts and other events of Arab artists, tourism development, Arabic language training.

Our team is comprised of professional and qualified Middle Eastern specialists who have long-term experience in teaching, developing a cultural-social projects, translating and consulting. We have accomplished a great number of international projects that unified artists, writers, scientists and diplomats from Lithuania and the Arab world. Owing to our projects, training and initiatives, Lithuania's relations with various Arab countries are closer than ever before, and the long-lasting friendships and partnerships established between various people, institutions and organizations have helped to lay a solid foundation for further cooperation.

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