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Salva Imran Rasool: Islamic calligraphy

The script and art always have been important elements in every civilization’s history. Existing for ages calligraphy has become one of the best ways to represent unique and mysterious Arabic world. Salva Imran Rassol dedicated most of her life proclaiming calligraphy since she believes that calligraphy is the soul of Arabic Art. Graduated from the renowned Sir JJ School of Arts (India, Mumbai) in her paintings, Salva’s paintings strikes a very harmonious note leaving you speechless. Salva Rasool instinctively always felt that linguistic script is the best way to express Arabic art and bring it closer to every person’s eyes and hearts.

For those who grasp the script her works represent exuberant brilliance. For those unfamiliar with Arabic, the paintings are pure art. Deflecting from the traditional, Salva has skilfully managed to exhibit secular and universal elements never seen before in this genre. Salva Rasool is also known for creatively incorporating unconventional materials like terracotta, ceramics, pottery, glass, leather, metal, fabric and much more, adding to her unique approach towards standard modern art. Salva Rasool has incorporated her passion with eclectic vision, which is appreciated with unparalleled beauty. Today, fellow artists as well as professionals from other intertwining fields appreciate Salva Rasool’s work in the field of art. She has begun working in tandem with interior designers to give birth to numerous forms of precisely synthesized creations.

The enigmatic and mystical scripts of stylized Arabic calligraphy fused with abstract modern art have been appreciated and collected by art aficionados and are a part of important private collections in India, South Africa, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. She made individual and group exhibitions all over the world where her works attained lots of attention. To Vilnius she has brought the newest calligraphy works.

The exhibition of Salva Rasool will take place in Lithuanian Music, Theatre and Cinema museum in Vilnius, from 12 to 16 th of September. During the opening of the exhibition on 12 th of September, Salva Rasool will lead a workshop on her painting technique and will present her art works.

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