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We would like to invite you to an exhibition, featuring artworks by migrants, living in detention camps in Lithuania. This exhibition allows us to meet people, who have become hostages to the migrant crisis that started in the Summer of 2021, and see the creative, thinking and feeling person behind the term “migrant“.
Art is one of the few ways for these people to cope with the difficult reality of the camps and tell their stories. Their art is the only expression of their freedom.
This social exhibition seeks to draw the society‘s attention to the people, their personal stories and different experiences. To see those, who often remain unseen. Those, who are still trapped behind the walls, although for already nine months they have been in Lithuania, right by our side.
The exhibition presents 10 artists from Iraq, Turkey and The Republic of the Congo. A short presentation of each of them will be available in Lithuanian and English.
We welcome you to the exhibition opening on May 25th, 3:30 PM, at the Vilnius University Library. The exhibition will be open from May 25th to June 15th.

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