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Project “Integration through youth work”

This is part of the strategic partnership project "Together: Refugees and Youth" funded by the European Union's Erasmus + program. In July - October, 2016, the research on refugee integration through youth work and arising challenges & opportunities was conducted. With the help of this research and subsequent training we have created a methodology for such integration. This way, youth would get a chance to develop in a multicultural environment; thus building up their tolerance and increasing multilingualism. Meanwhile, the refugees would integrate into the society faster, since the youth would help them with the local language, culture and traditions.

Arabic Culture Forum together with other organizations joined the association "Active Youth", implementing different cultural initiatives, organizing educational events for refugees, young people from Lithuania and the participants of the Erasmus + project. By participating in this project, it was important for us to emphasize that integration is a permanent two-way process, involving not only migrants but also the host society. Particular attention must be paid to socio-cultural integration by involving migrants in active social and civic life.

During the conference “Integration through a youth work”, on 22nd of April, Arab Culture Forum organized a workshop, to emphasize the peculiarities of the Arab Culture in terms of cross-cultural communication. Following this conference, on May 30th, Arab Culture Forum, together with the Center of Oriental Studies of Vilnius University organized a Hena painting workshop, during which the participants learned to draw, discuss and share experiences in a creative atmosphere. On 23rd of June, participants spent evening learning Lithuanian language through various games in the Language games evening. On June 25th, along with the students of Middle Eastern studies, Arabic Culture Forum organized a traditional Lithuanian cooking workshop in order to acquaint with the tastes of national cuisine. July 3rd was dedicated to excursion to regional park of Dūkštos, during the hike participants had opportunity to get acquainted with Lithuanian nature. During all events we have managed to establish the contacts with immigrants, communicate in an informal atmosphere and get to know each other better.


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