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Distance and hygiene rules have caused serious cuts in youth work across Europe and change both the cultural offerings of the youth cultural institutions and thework with the young people themselves. The switch to work with online media and digital platforms is obvious, but triggers Limits.


The particular problem lies in the fact that the existing youth work methods are not designed for the online world. In addition, many young people are not familiar with online tools. There are inhibitions in  the application. In addition, online, in front of the screen, the attention of young people is lost even faster than offline and the participation of the young people as well as communication between the participants is more difficult, the effectiveness decreases. The usual youth work methods from the group settings are notworking online. Pedagogical and didactic aspects must be brought into focus much more for online-work.


Therefore, the consortium wants to develop new methodical-pedagogical approaches for online youth work with a focus on group setting with various cultural branches (comedy, music, art and literature). One focus will be on hybrid (semi-digital) youth work, in which young people stay connected both offline and online and carry out group activities together.


The Arab Culture Forum joins the project in developing methodologies for online work with young people in the field of literature. The field of literature was chosen taking into account the competencies of the team members and the interests of the target audience.


Target groups are specialists fromvarious branches of youth cultural work who want to improve their method repertoire, as well as young people who are directly in volved in the practical tests of the methods. With the help of the tools, sustainable online youth work with a  good effect in terms of knowledge acquisition, personal development or social skill scan be built up. This allows facilities for youth cultural work to resume their work even under corona-related restrictions.

Methodological Tool Join In

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شعار منتدى الثقافة2.  العرب1ية2-05 Kopie
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