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Arabic Culture Days 2017


In the face of today‘s challenges, global connectivity goes hand in hand with large-scale fragmentation. Our aspiration to explore, understand and accept the differences is being suppressed by misleading information and unfounded fears.

Cultural exchange has proven so far to be the most effective antidote to these divisive trends, offering alternative narratives that go beyond stereotypes, strengthening the sense of collectiveness and helping each other to be heard.

“Arab Culture Days” is an initiative aimed at promoting intercultural dialogue, based on genuine mutual understanding. We seek to allow for the Arabs to represent themselves by telling their own stories, presenting their own culture and traditions. It is important to us, that Arabic culture would be represented through the artistic, academic and aesthetic point of view, emphasizing art and culture, education and cultural cooperation. Therefore, the project brings the Arab and the Lithuanian artists and people together around shared values, leaving religion and politics aside. It also helps to increase awareness and give a more in-depth view of the Arab culture in Lithuania, acknowledging its tremendous contribution to the universal culture.

“Arab Culture Days 2017” was take place in Vilnius, Kaunas and other Lithuanian cities from 12th to 16th of September. Artists, lecturers, journalists, writers, government representatives and musicians will come to represent their culture from Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, India, Syria and Palestine. Meanwhile, the network members of Ana Lindh Foundation will organise various educational, cultural activities, such as lectures, literature evenings, exhibitions, workshops, sports events and many other, dedicated to acquaintance of cultural area of the Arabic culture.


Mayor sponsors - Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Copenhagen and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania

Under the patronage of the Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO



Opening of Arabic Culture Days

Opening of an exhibition by calligrapher Salva Rasool 

Henna evening

Calligraphy workshop, literary evening and exhibition / lecture about Palestine with Ahmad Dari

Concert of a band from Saudi Arabia and excursion in Vilnius city

Articles about us


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